SHANTI at the University of Virginia

Activities / Networking

SHANTI’S own website is intended to function as a dynamic portal to support innovation and excellence across Grounds. It facilitates social networking between individualsprojects, and organizations, enables easy access to information of diverse types, and offers a showcase for activities and initiatives at UVa using technology in the humanities, sciences, and arts for greater innovation, excellence, and efficiency.

Individuals, lawn doorprojects, and organizations are able to make and maintain their own entries within the Portal describing their foci, interests, activities, and backgrounds. They themselves, and others, can then use these entries to quickly find out information about who is doing what at the University of Virginia, and more efficiently build new partnerships. Relationships can also be viewed using a visualization function that shows each project, organization, and person related to each other.  You can also search across all entries, and utilize the common tags used (French, Java, Anthropology, etc.) to filter your search results. We also have a basic “posts” section, where participants can put up time-delimited posts looking for project collaborators, interns, programmers, advertise fellowship opportunities, and the like that relate to their academic work.

The Portal also includes the capacity to describe and classify various tools and technologies used in academics, and then further relate these to people, projects, and organizations at UVa. Thus the Portal offers a socially networked guide to the use of academic tools at UVa. Users can search for tools by categories, but also see which people, projects, and organizations are using or supporting a given tool.

The Portal’s social networking application is currently under development, and thus we welcome all feedback on bugs, new feature requests, critical feedback, and any other thoughts you want to convey. Please address comments to as well. For the time being, we will maintain an ongoing compilation of this feedback on this page.

The technology for SHANTI’S Portal has been built and maintained by SHANTI in conjunction with Performant Software and the UVa Library’s Scholars’ Lab.