SHANTI at the University of Virginia

Activities / Groups and Centers

Events from the following groups and centers are represented by the SHANTI UVa Digital Events Calendar:

  • Scholars’ Lab
    • The Scholars’ Lab, in the UVa Library, caters to the digital research and scholarly analysis needs of faculty and advanced students in the humanities and sciences.
  • Digital Media Lab
    • The Digital Media Lab is a collaborative effort between ITC and the UVa Library that actively fosters an environment for peer-driven teaching and learning.
  • IATH
    • The Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities is a research unit that explores and develops information technology as a tool for scholarly humanities research. To that end, they provide their Fellows with consulting, technical support, applications development, and networked publishing facilities.
  • Teaching and Resource Center
    • The Teaching Resource Center (TRC) is a pan-University center for collegial community and is committed to conversation about teaching at all levels and in all academic disciplines.
  • Research Computing Lab
    • The Research Computing Lab provides research and instructional support for advanced technology and methodology in the science and engineering disciplines.